As of mid August 1999, the BorkMonster  was finally sent to the junk yard in Worcester Massachusetts (Standard Auto Salvage). The decision to junk the car was due to it's advanced stage of rust & rot to the under side of the car, probably due to it being stored for nine years in the pervious owners back yard.

So, everything that I've done to the old GT will be applied to the new DL, and then some!  :)

Here are a few pictures to get you interested in the new car.

                The Front                                                                The Back

The Big hole!   part two! (can you see where the hole was?)

The Big hole inside

 Passenger side tire wellSame pic, close up. Same pic, close up

BorkMonster just prior to engine removal.  It's sad, this car was doing 130 MPH just two months before.
(you can just see the dual oil filters under the passenger side head lamp hole.)

The heart of the beast  Just pulled.