I use my headlights at nightJust after installing the CKW driving lightsheadlights and driving lights are powered directoy from the alternator like thisNew Nose, grill just painted.power distribution block from the alternatorCKW's on independant of the headlights.Details of the new suspension.  You can't see the Bilsteins, but they are in there.Don't mind the overspray.  It'll be gone when the new tires are installed.

Bit by bit, piece by piece...I relocated the overflow tank.  Soon it'll have an aluminum cowl covering it.second view of the overflow tankA real metal belly pan. I found it in a junkyard off a 262.

New Seat Install details:

As you can see, I retained the use of the stock Volvo seat mounts.  I used 3/16" steel plate, factory nuts & bolts (where applicable) & 5mm nuts &bolts