Date:   3 April, 2000.

Time: After Breakfast.

The Place: The Laboratory (La BORE a TORY)

These are  pics of the third stage of the 1980 242 DL retrofit.  This stage consists of  interior modifications.

Since the 80 200 series interior was virtually identical to the 1979, I opted to perform similar modifications.

These are:

R-Sport GT gauge cluster.

Custom made 3 port gauge enclosure.

Installation of digital air/fuel & fuel pressure gauges.

conversion from older Euro ceramic fuses to more modern blade type units.

Installation of new seats.

Here are some starter pics:

Drivers side front fender.Whole car, from side.Interior/Dash from the outside.The Center Console.From the backseat.Remember!  ALWAYS LABEL WIRES!The soon-to-be-extinct old style fues panel.Original gauge cluster sans tach & 130 speedo.I Can't Drive 55!  at 155,801 miles anyway.

A big cause of rattles in an older Volvo.  This is a loose dash panel screw.There's my hat!Anyone want a clock?  :)My Cars Build Date. April 21, 1980.Anyone know how to fis this type of dash pad crack?

All in all, it took me about 2.5-3 hours to remove the dash pad.  Volvo for some reason had the upper mounting screws facing the firewall not toward the drivers seat.  So a REALLY short screw driver is needed.  Personally I just took a 1/4" socket wrench with a 1/4" socket & a philips bit & wedged my hands in there.  NO EASY TASK!

The heater motor was dealer replaced in 1981 as part of a recall.  But they did a lousy job.  I'm debating on fixing the errors,  but since it's been that way for almost 18 years, I may leave well enough alone.  I think I'll just fix the crimp connectors that were just taped together & leave them be.

There's actually about 40 pics in this set,  but I only did the relevant ones.  I also did a demonstration of how to reset the EGR/O2 sensor light. (email me if you want them)