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The new project.  BORKENSTEIN

The Story:

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- 242GT standard hood with louver vent over Turbo *
- 85% Tinting to all but forward glass.
- Factory "Deep scoop" front Air Dam.
- Grille (standard GT) Mounted ZKW 55 watt Driving lamps. (re-wired)
- Electric Mirrors from 1983 GLT.
- Hella H4 lamps with 80/100 watt bulbs. "'CAUSE THEY'RE HELLA BRIGHT!"
- Hella Twin Trumpet Air Horns. "'CAUSE THEY'RE HELLA LOUD!"
- Front seats are from a Mazda MX6/Ford Probe GT (electric bolster/lumbar and position)
- Alpine Sound system w/ power booster and CD player.
- Volvo R-Sport Gauge Cluster with relocated boost gauge.
- Dash Mounted Gauges in custom aluminum enclosure.

* Interesting thing about this louver. While driving, or sitting still with the cooling fans on,  it expels a LOT of hot air that would otherwise remain under the hood.  Plus it looks kinda cool.   Highly recommend it.

Gauge Pics:            
Custom Cluster              Out-side view of R-Sport Gauges
Out-side view of all gauges     Drivers angle of R-Sport gauges

Nose On,  better move.. :)

This is NOT your daddy's Volvo!


- 2.1L, B21FT with Intercooler
- Garret TB03,60 trim +3
- .48 A/R High Nickel* Turbine housing
- 8.8mm Accel "Super Stock" plug wires**
- SDSefi  EM-2F Programmable fuel injection with Direct Fire ignition!
- All brass 3-core radiator with 15" electric fan with adjustable switch
- Exhaust is 2.5" turbo back, 2.5" DynoFlow CAT and Cherry Bomb (c) Muffler. All custom bent.
- Spearco Turbo Aquahol Injection system, set to 8 PSI, Injector is a modified Saab turbo cold start injector.
- Oil, Mobil 1 synthetic 15w50 with dual remote filters ***. Total oil capacity is 6.5 quarts
- Intake is B23FT  Mild port work
- CBV from a late model 760 Turbo.

* The high nickel content is less likely to crack under high heat situations.

** I decided to use Aftermarket non resister plugs & wires because the stock Bosch & "clones" kept disintegrating,
I'll post the part # soon.

*** K&N Filters, P/N 3001.  These are about twice as large as stock Volvo filters & add about one quart to the system. The oil cooler adds another .5 quart.

Engine before B23 intake. (click image for full size)


Some after B23 installed: (click image for full size)



- Manual M46 4 speed + overdrive with heavy duty IPD transmission mount
- Heavy duty clutch and pressure plate
- 4.1:1  Limited Slip Differential


- Suspension is IPD 25mm front and rear  swaybars
- IPD sport coils, Front & Rear
- Bilstein "heavy duty" struts & shocks
- Tower to firewall strut braces.
- Home made Tower to Tower Strut brace.
- ??? 205/55/15 on 15" Volvo 5 spoke Turbo rims
- Brakes - 4 wheel vented disk, 4 piston in front, 2 piston rear with stainless steel lines..

More Pics. (click for full size)


                     "Doesn't look like much but she's got it where it counts"
                                                                                                   -Han Solo, Star Wars - A New Hope